Lovleen Aulakh


EKAS – Oneness

Acrylic Mixed Media

10″ x 10″ Framed


EKAS – Oneness

Acrylic Mixed Media

10″ x 10″ Framed



Lovleen Aulakh is an Austin based artist who creates unique mixed media paintings with acrylics, alcohol inks, 3D textures and gold & silver leaf gilding. Her meditative art themes range from abstract to spiritual. 

Even though Lovleen is a trained architect who worked over a decade in the sustainable design and construction industry, art has always been her calling. She got her first art commission in high school and has been creating as well as teaching art in her leisure time ever since. 2020 social distancing time was a blessing in disguise for her, as she got uninterrupted time to paint and develop a meditative art practice. Dedicating her life to art was a very natural next step, so she decided to pursue art full time. 

Lovleen now runs ‘Inspired Art Studio’ from her home in North West Austin where she experiments with new mediums, materials and techniques for her mixed media art and helps students of all ages discover their inner artist. 


Art is a way for me to connect with my inner self. My best art is created when I am in my meditative flow. I approach my fluid ink abstract paintings without any set image and try to become one with the flow of colors. With my contemplative mixed media spiritual abstract paintings, I try to explore and understand universal spiritual themes like devotion, surrender, solitude, grace, peace, oneness, etc. This year I released a collection of figurative spiritual paintings titled ‘Fakeeri – Light Within’ that I had started painting  in 2020. It explores the connection of ‘light within us’ represented by the glowing female form with the one divine light. I use inspirations, colors, and vocabulary from many different faiths including my own, Sikhism. The red ‘Soul Bride’, the blue ‘Spiritual Trance’, ‘Bliss’, and ‘Noor’ inspired by twirling Sufi Dervish are just some of the artworks in this series. 

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