Maggie Lyon


Dirty Laundry

Oil on Canvas

20″ diameter


It’s a Blue World 

Oil on Canvas

24″ x 24″ Framed


The Endless Cycle

36 x 36″

Oil on Canvas





Maggie Lyon is an oil painter and curator based in Austin, Texas. She grew up in Fort Worth, Texas and earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art from Texas State University in 2019 with a concentration in Painting and a minor in Fashion Merchandising. She uses her artwork as a medium of personal expression and currently serves as the Gallery Director at Art Direct in Austin. Maggie is passionate about creating opportunities, space, and an inclusive community for local artists.

Artist Statement: 

“My ongoing body of work, The Endless Cycles, uses the image of a washing machine as my symbolic muse and subject matter. While studying painting at Texas State University, one of my professors gave us the prompt: “Paint your biggest fear.” The washing machine became a symbol of my fear of being stuck on ‘endless cycles’ of bad habits that have the power to hold me back from my greatest potential. I enhance the colors from the photo source to represent the tempting nature of habits that are often disguised in beauty. Each painting I’ve created in this series explores a different behavior cycle I would like to break. My studio time is my sanctuary for self-reflection and where I feel the most ‘myself’ – I pour everything I am into my paintings and view them as self-portraits.”


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