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Art Partner Services

Art Partner Service is a program of useful tools and innovative services that simplify the sales of print reproductions and finished products for businesses, organizations and artists.

We take into account the existing and emerging channels of your business and develop a customized and scalable program that is suitable for immediate and future growth.

Creative Lab

Our Creative Lab is where all the magic happens. Here our talented in-house designers ingest images to be processed, proofed, named and prepared as print-ready files for production and pre-determined marketplaces. This highly skilled design team also supports the marketing, sales and product development efforts of our art partners.

Print Production

Our production department maintains a fleet of large-format Canon printers that are meticulously maintained and serviced. Our base Fine Art paper is 100% alpha-cellulose, bright white matte, 320 gsm. Archival and other papers are available and job specific. We have the ability to print large volumes of fine art reproductions on paper, canvas, metal and acrylic.

Fine Art Paper

Our base Fine Art paper is 100% alpha-cellulose, bright white matte, 320 gsm. Archival and other papers are available and job specific.

Satin Canvas

Our base Satin Canvas is a Cotton/Poly blend featuring incredible scuff protection, moisture resistance and added UV defense. We use 100% wood stretcher bars in .75” and 1.5” widths


Our brilliant High-Definition metal photo panels come in a variety of sizes and are on-trend for commercial and residential applications. Wooden frame backs are applied for easy hanging and a fantastic three-dimensional effect.

Face Mounted Acrylics

Our face-mounted acrylics are a work of art onto itself. Breathtaking in large format displays with stand offs.

Custom Framing and Finishing Services

We provide custom framing and finishing services for our own brands as well as our art partners. From simple to museum worthy, we only the source the best wood mouldings from the finest U.S. manufacturers. Our highly skilled artisans build and assemble with the utmost care.

Drop Ship Programs and Fulfillment

We ship around the world and your needs are no different. Our Art Partner Service provides our customers with the ability to drop ship directly to their clients. Our White Label solution includes branded packing slips with customer service and marketing information. We also provide partner-branded shipping notifications with real-time access to tracking information. We partner with ShipStation and have direct access to your preferred carriers. In addition, we are able to process large volume, palletized orders by freight and offer customized re-shipper solutions.

To inquire about any special project or service needs, please email info@artdirect.com. Service pricing available upon request.

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