Printing & Scanning Services that turn your creations and photos into art.

Photo Retouching

Flatbed Scanning

Scanning offers the highest resolution for your reproductions and artwork.  Prints made from high resolution scans result in amazing images that are difficult to distinguish from the originals.

Scanning Pricing

Artwork, canvas, prints:

$25.00 – Up to 24″ on long side
$0.08 per square inch above 24″

Vintage, 4×6, and 5×7 Photos:

$3.99 per photo 300 dpi
$4.99 per photo 600 dpi
$6.99 per photo 1200 dpi

Bulk Photo Scanning & Printing: Please contact us for custom pricing for more than 10 photos.

You may deliver your items to be scanned by visiting our storefront in Austin, Texas. Or you may mail your items to us at your cost for shipping both ways. Our address is: 12112 Anderson Mill Rd. #7B Austin, TX 78726

Cost of scanning covers photograph/scan file without any adjustments made.

Scans are delivered on a flash drive for $5

Photo Adjustment/Restoration

Have an old family photo that has been damaged over the years? Took an amazing photo while on vacation but the photo turned out much darker than you expected? We can help.

Adjustment & Restoration Pricing

Minor Adjustments – $25

simple color correction, cropping, minor retouching, red-eye removal, image prep for gallery wrap canvas

Major Adjustments – $50/hr

color correction with test sample, image manipulation, cutting and pasting, filling in missing areas of photos

Paper and Canvas Choices for Printing

Vibrance Matte

  • Light, but stiff blended base for prints that hold up to a variety of display techniques
  • Cotton/Alpha-cellulose Blend 
  • Bright White Matte
  • Texture: Plain Smooth
  • 230 gsm
  • 12 mils

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Vibrance Luster

  • Excellent color brilliance and image definition on a water resistant photo paper 
  • Resin Coated Cellulose Blend
  • Luster finish
  • Texture: Smooth Satin 
  • 255 gsm
  • 10 mils

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Textured Fine Art Paper

  • Premium matte surface dries instantly but gives prints the appearance of “floating”
  • 100% alpha-cellulose base for surprising depth
  • Bright White Matte
  • Texture: Robust for artistic prints
  • 320 gsm
  • 18.5 mils 

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Satin Canvas

  • Features incredible scuff protection, moisture resistance, and added UV defense 
  • Poly/Cotton Blend 
  • Texture: Fine (1-over-1) 
  • 360 gsm
  • 17.5 mils

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Vibrance Metallic

  • Pearlescent finish is breathtaking in large format displays and when face mounted to acrylic. 
  • Excellent color brilliance and image definition on a water resistant photo paper.
  • Resin coated cotton/alpha-cellulose blend
  • Texture: Ultra Smooth
  • Finish: Pearlescent
  • 255 gsm
  • 10 mils

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Metal Prints

  • High-definition sublimatable photo panels.
  • Color brilliance and superior durability.
  • Prints will last a lifetime with resistance to yellowing and climate damage
  • Metal prints are the perfect medium for displaying artwork and photography in a variety of applications from residential to commercial usage.
  • Thickness: 045 in. / 1.14 mm

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Photo Proofing

Ensure your art is perfect before ordering prints.

Photo Proofing Pricing

Single Proof – $10

We will print and mail you a small 4×6 or 6×6 inch print to inspect.  This will allow you to make changes from home before you order your print/s.

Double proof – $17

We will print and mail you two small 4×6 or 6×6 inch prints to inspect.  The first will be printed without any retouching, the second with adjustments to improve the look of the print.  That way you can compare both versions and give us your feedback before ordering your print/s.

Ordering Process & Guidelines

Have an old family photo that has been damaged over the years? Took an amazing photo while on vacation but the photo turned out much darker than you expected? We can help.


Our recommended resolution for printing images is 300 dpi at full size. We can print images at a higher resolution, and a lower resolution as well. However, if we print at a lower resolution, keep in mind that the image quality may suffer.  Regardless, we will do our best to make sure your prints look the best they can.  Please send the largest file size available to ensure that your images print well.

Uploading Images

File Format- We accept the following file formats: JPEG, TIF, PSD

JPEG files- JPEG’s are generally smaller and upload quicker.

TIF or PSD (Photoshop) files- TIF & PSD files do not compress files in the same manner as JPEG’s, so these formats are optimal for working with and printing.  Since these files are larger, they may take longer to upload.

Saving your TIF file as an “LZW” TIF (which is a lossless compression technique) will allow for a faster upload.

Be sure to FLATTEN all TIF and PSD files before uploading.

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