Adriana Marcela Castro

My work is characterized by a monochrome sculptural painting with heavy
accumulations of materials. I look for balance and harmony in each
composition using characteristics from the Minimalism art movement .
Characteristics include geometry, clean lines, repetition and simplicity. All
these frames, the abstract and heavily textured area that provoke the viewer to
touch or at least get very close as a part of this experience. You can’t get sense
of it in a picture. You have to see it in person. I work with a monochrome
palette for the associations the viewer can make with each color and a sort of
ways that a color can make them feel. The use of glitter breaks with the sobriety
of color, and allows me to introduce movement and light. I am gestural and
rational in the application of the material, but not emotional. I am not looking
to communicate something specific. I just want to give the viewer an aesthetic
experience and the opportunity to generate their own meaning.