George Prichard

Founder | CEO | Director of E-Commerce Operations

Brent Howard

Vice President | Director of Retail & Commercial Sales

Dennis McElroy

Color & Craftsmanship Techniques Advisor

Bree Carr

E-commerce Print Production | Executive Assistant

Demi Wilson

Custom Framing Operations Lead

Jesse Thomasson

Software Developer

Ian Z.

Legacy Web Design Consultant

Giovanna Martin

Marketing and Gallery Coordinator

Carlos Torres

Custom Framing Specialist | Art Conservationist Lead

Hugo Alfonso Lopez

E-commerce Framing Lead | Shipping & Receiving

Ayden Maki

E-commerce Framing Specialist | Digital Artist

Joel Olivares

Custom Frame Craftsman | Art Installation Specialist

Jamie Steindorff

Art Conservationist | Custom Framing Apprentice

Gabriel Prichard

Computerized Mat Cutter Operator