Repair, Restore and Renew

Restoring and repairing an old picture frame is a great way to make something old, new again. Whether you want to brighten the old look or do a complete overhaul, we have the skilled craftsmen to embellish a simple, basic frame or the most elaborate.


Repairing picture frames can vary depending on the type of damage and material of the frame. Our talented artisans will glue loose joints, fill gaps or cracks, stabilize broken corners and apply general refinishing to beautifully restore your cherished pieces.

Gold or Silver Leaf

If the frame you are choosing to restore has been covered with gold or silver leaf, there are a few different solutions we can take.


We are able to restore your old frame utilizing similar, if not original components. If you want to reuse your old picture frames, but aren't worried about preserving the original appearance, there is no limit to the makeovers we can carry out.