Print Perfection

Elevate your printing expectations with Art Direct. Our comprehensive fleet of 12 top-tier large format printers, coupled with our team of seasoned technicians, is committed to delivering visual masterpieces. We cater to an expansive clientele: artists seeking pristine reproductions, families capturing moments, businesses aiming for grand displays, and photographers desiring perfection. Our substrate diversity, competitive edge in pricing, and swift turnarounds make us the preferred choice for all your printing endeavors.

Pre-Print Image Preparation Services

Quality Substrates: From Classic to Contemporary

Vibrance Matte Paper

$0.06 per Square Inch

Smooth texture. Bright White. Premium cellulose blend. 230 GSM. Top recommendation for posters, photos, and versatile art displays.

Vibrance Luster Paper

$0.07 per Square Inch

Satin Finish. Water Resistant. Epitome of photo printing. Accommodates high ink loads. Unmatched color brilliance. 255 GSM

Textured Fine Art Paper

$0.09 per Square Inch

Bright white matte finish. Textured. 100% alpha-cellulose. Longevity and resistance to scuffs. 320 GSM. Top choice for discerning artists.

Vibrance Metallic Photo Paper

$0.10 per Square Inch

Premium metallic art paper. Ultra smooth texture. Glossy finish. Guarantees vivid color brilliance and superior image clarity.

Artist Satin Canvas

$0.10 per Square Inch

Remarkable texture and finish. Beautifully replicates original oil and acrylics. 65% cotton, 35% polyester. 325 GSM.

Pura Smooth Artist Paper

$0.13 per Square Inch

100% Cotton Rag. Warm matte finish. Archival smooth. It's not just paper; it's a testament to purity in expression. 300 GSM.

Vinyl Wall Graphics Art Peel

$0.16 per Square Inch

Wallpaper Art Peel. 100% polyester. Ultra-fine texture and a bright matte finish. Commercial and Residential. Peels off seamlessly.

HD Dye Sublimation Metal Art

$0.35 per Square Inch

Dyes are permanently infused into metal sheets. Unparalleled vibrancy and sharpness. Artworks shimmer with vivid hues and unmatched depth.

T-Shirt and DTG Printing

$30 per Shirt

Direct transfer of your image onto fabrics, capturing gradients, shades, and intricate patterns. Ideal for artists and designers.

Post-Print Services

Ordering Process & Guidelines


Our recommended resolution for printing images is 300 dpi at full size. We can print images at a higher resolution, and a lower resolution as well. However, if we print at a lower resolution, keep in mind that the image quality may suffer. Regardless, we will do our best to make sure your prints look the best they can. Please send the largest file size available to ensure that your images print well.

Uploading Images

File Format- We accept the following file formats: JPEG, TIF, PSD
JPEG files- JPEG’s are generally smaller and upload quicker.
TIF or PSD (Photoshop) files- TIF & PSD files do not compress files in the same manner as JPEG’s, so these formats are optimal for working with and printing. Since these files are larger, they may take longer to upload.
Saving your TIF file as an “LZW” TIF (which is a lossless compression technique) will allow for a faster upload.
Be sure to FLATTEN all TIF and PSD files before uploading.

We're currently working on a new and improved print request form! For the time being, please submit your images to!