Art Installation Professionals!

Art Direct is equipped to handle virtually any art installation project. Our professional installers are punctual and equipped with the appropriate tools and hardware necessary to properly hang your art. With 20+ years of experience, we understand how wall décor relates to the furniture and architectural elements of your home, office, or commercial space. We'll determine the scale of the art, and then evaluate the project details with best practices for the perfect placement of your most valuable pieces.

Insured and Bonded

We're fully insured, assuring confidence and peace of mind that your job will be completed promptly and properly. Contact us to schedule your install and provide us with details such as what kind of art, sizes, wall type, wall height, and the presence of stairs and landings. Two hour minimum at only $125 per hour.

Oversized Art and Mirrors

Our knowledgeable installers will showcase your magnificent pieces securely and in style. We provide heavy-duty wall anchors and custom hangers that effortlessly support your oversized items while you enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your art or mirror is securely mounted.

Layout and Design

The arrangement and design of hanging artwork have a profound influence on the visual appeal and ambiance of a room or space. Factors such as the choice between symmetry and asymmetry, the arrangement of thematic groupings, the creation of focal points, and the careful consideration of scale and proportions all play integral roles in this creative process.

Hard-To-Reach Areas

Safety should always be a priority when working at heights and we take every precaution to ensure our handlers use stable ladders and if necessary, appropriate scaffolding. Art hanging systems may be recommended for accessibility and ease of cleaning, maintenance, and repositioning.

Brick Walls and Concrete

Hanging art on brick and concrete walls is easy with the right tools and techniques. We precisely calculate each project with specially designed hardware, masonry anchors, and screws for the perfect look.

Commercial Installations

Commercial art installation is a specialized service. Our team collaborates closely with professional designers to conduct on-site assessments, address compliance and security considerations, interior preparations, and establish maintenance protocols as integral components of the project blueprint.

Delivery to Install Location

Ensuring the safe and proper placement of artwork within a commercial setting is a pivotal stage in the process of integrating art into a business or commercial context. We take every precaution to establish the appropriate delivery methods, coordinate delivery dates and meticulously package and label artwork.