Sports Memorabilia Framing

Beyond just framing – it's a celebration of sports history. Our price spectrum ranges from cost-effective elegance to bespoke masterpieces. We transform your sports memorabilia into museum-worthy masterpieces. Meticulous craftsmanship meets the finest materials to deliver pieces that last a lifetime.

Unmatched Jersey Framing & Design

Transforming Sports Memorabilia into Enduring Keepsakes with Innovative Design and Framing Techniques. Passion, precision, and personalization define our approach to framing.

Proven Excellence

Trust in our craft; Our reputation echoes through our clientele - from dedicated collectors to professional athletes from the NBA, NFL, MLB, Olympics and others. Your memorabilia is not just another job for us – it's a testament to our commitment.

Custom Graphics

Making It Personal: Not just framing, but an artistic representation. Opt for modern designs or nostalgic sports card graphics to accentuate your jersey. Our talented designers craft designs that breathe life into jerseys.

Quality and Preservation

Using only the best materials, we don’t just frame; we preserve legacies. Our labor-intensive and detail-oriented processes ensure your memorabilia remains vivid, protected, and admired for generations. Safeguard your precious collectibles while flaunting them in style.
Starting at $300

Standard Jersey Frames

Starting from a classic 28" x 32" black wood frame of 1.5", each jersey enjoys a masterful fit. Choose between a clean flat mount or vibrant 2" team color detailing. Your frame can be enriched with numerous add-ons—distinctive graphics, team emblems, action photographs, and engraved plaques, all available for an added cost.
Prices Starting at $450

Custom Designed Graphics

Starting at standard 30" x 32" size, our frames feature deep 1" spacers for prominence. Protect your investment with UV-protected glass or acrylic, enriched by double mat cuts with team logos or action photo shots. Explore our custom template designs. Keep in mind, enhanced sizes or features affect the final price.
Prices Starting at $800

Ultimate Custom Design

Working alongside our talented design and frame experts, your vision becomes a tangible masterpiece. Utilize choices from anti-glare museum glass, incorporating multiple jerseys into one frame, intricate custom graphics, a range of mats, captivating action shots, to engraved plaques. Costs reflect the depth of your customization.

DESIGN EXAMPLE before & after (click and drag from center to compare)

Shadow Box Framing

Custom-built shadow box frames are a perfect way to display your treasures; from sports jerseys, footballs, hockey sticks, and baseball bats to musical instruments, military medals, and vintage collectibles. These unique framed items have great sentimental value and are cherished for generations. We can "shadowbox" just about anything

Custom Options

Just like our other tailored framing solutions, you'll collaborate closely with our team of design and framing specialists. You'll have the opportunity to select from options such as anti-glare museum glass, consolidating several collectibles within a single frame, crafting intricate custom graphics, choosing from a variety of mats, incorporating captivating action shots, and even adding engraved plaques. The pricing will vary depending on the level of customization you desire.

TV and Monitor Framing

We can handle other unique framing projects, such as Flat Screen TV Framing, and other unusual requests for framed settings

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