Commercial & Residential Art Services

Art Direct’s commercial and residential division has a long history of manufacturing and selling wall art that motivates and inspires. Since 1999, we have been creating new visions of alternative wall art, in unexpected mediums, from some of the most innovative artists in the world. We are a full service wall décor company offering all project stages from concept, sourcing, planning, production to shipping and installation. As a domestic manufacturer in Austin, TX we can provide quick lead times and effective delivery windows. Everything art at affordable price points.

Image Sourcing

We can curate a world of visuals tailored to meet the unique demands of designers in the residential, hospitality and healthcare markets. Our sourcing expertise ensures you have access to a diverse and high-quality selection that brings your vision to life.

Art Manufacturing

We specialize in manufacturing art that transforms commercial and residential environments into captivating, engaging, and memorable spaces. We provide businesses with custom art and production solutions, and utilize our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to get their products to the marketplace quickly and efficiently.

LTL Shipping

Shipping art worldwide? We've got you covered. From UPS to trusted trucking companies, we have established partnerships and shipping discounts that ensure the safe passage of your art. Our custom art crates offer unrivaled protection, even for freight shipments. Your art's journey is in expert hands.

Commercial Installation

Commercial art installation is a specialized service. Our team collaborates closely with professional designers to conduct on-site assessments, address compliance and security considerations, interior preparations, and establish maintenance protocols as integral components of the project blueprint.