Custom Framing

We are QUALITY, AFFORDABILITY, & VARIETY! Elevate your photos, artwork, and keepsakes to new heights as our skilled artisans meticulously design frames that complement and protect your treasures. Whether it's a beloved photograph, a valuable piece of art, or a significant memento, our custom framing adds a touch of elegance, preserving moments for years to come. Discover the perfect blend of creativity and precision as we transform your items into timeless pieces of art through our dedicated and personalized framing expertise.

Frame Strategy

At Art Direct, we recognize that framing is both an art and a science. Our expert consultants are poised to take you through this journey, understanding your vision, budget, and space. They meticulously craft strategies tailored to accentuate and protect your artworks, ensuring every piece finds its perfect frame.

Precision & Passion

Passion drives Art Direct, but it's precision that defines us. Our seasoned framers, backed by state-of-the-art machinery, delve into the minutiae of each project. The result? A creation that is as exacting in its craftsmanship as it is a reflection of our unwavering passion for excellence.

Canvas Stretching

Elevate your artwork with our premier canvas stretching services. We handle your canvases with care, ensuring they're meticulously stretched over sturdy frames, ready for display. Every canvas, from delicate linen to robust cotton, is treated with expertise, making sure the artwork's integrity remains uncompromised while giving it the perfect tension for a sag-free lifespan. We can stretch your canvas art, or print on our canvas to stretch for you.

Sports Jersey Framing

Athletes and fans alike understand the sentiment behind sports memorabilia. Whether you're showcasing an autographed jersey, a prized medal, or a historic ticket stub, we provide framing solutions that not only protect but elevate these treasures. Combining premium materials with design expertise, we create displays that echo the energy, passion, and history of your sports memorabilia.

TV Framing

In the modern home, technology and art often intertwine. Our custom TV framing services ensure that your entertainment hubs blend seamlessly into your decor. With a variety of frames, from classic wooden designs to sleek modern finishes, your television transitions from a mere gadget to an elegant, integrated piece of your home's aesthetic.

Framing Mirrors

Transform functional mirrors into captivating design elements. Our tailored framing solutions not only enhance mirrors' aesthetics but also amplify the beauty of the spaces they occupy. By marrying functional utility with design innovation, we ensure that each mirror becomes a statement piece, reflecting both light and refined taste.

Acrylic Offset Framing

Acrylic Offset Framing: Step into the future of framing with our Acrylic Offset Framing service. We delicately mount art directly onto UV protected acrylic blocks or sandwich it between two robust pieces, creating a minimalistic, yet captivating display. This modern approach not only highlights your art but also offers enhanced protection. Plus, our experts are ready to handle installation, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

Special Projects

Go beyond traditional framing. From cherished childhood keepsakes to rare collectibles, if you can envision it, we can frame it. Our specialists harness innovative techniques and materials to frame even the most unconventional items. Each project is approached with care, ensuring that your memories are encased beautifully, reflecting the uniqueness of the item and your vision. Challenge us with your ideas.

Ready Made Frames

Time is of the essence, and our collection of pre-made frames understands that. Crafted with the same care and precision as our custom offerings, these frames offer immediate solutions without compromising on quality. Discover a diverse range, all priced competitively, ensuring that memories are not only preserved but continue to shine brightly.

Printing Services

Boasting a fleet of over 10 cutting-edge, large-format printers, we guarantee exquisite, gallery-standard prints every single time. Our technicians are skilled in bringing out the deepest contrasts, most vivid colors, and ensuring sharpness that speaks volumes. Whether you're looking to reproduce fine art, photography, or digital designs, our in-house printing services stand unparalleled.

Metal Sublimation

Metallic Marvels: Experience the future of printing with our metal sublimation services. We meticulously infuse your chosen designs into sheets of metal, ensuring an output that's not only vibrant and rich but also resistant to external elements. It's a fusion of advanced technology with traditional artistry, perfect for those looking for a contemporary, long-lasting print solution.

Phone to Frame

Your cherished mobile moments shouldn’t remain confined to your device. Step into Art Direct, and we'll elevate your digital treasures into exquisite framed masterpieces. Whether you desire custom framing or prefer a ready-made frame from our gallery, we offer prompt services to meet your needs. Perfect for last-minute gifting or personal keepsakes. And for those seeking convenience, explore our Amazon product. Simply upload, choose a frame, and let us handle the printing, framing, and shipping.

Precision Laser Engraving

Art Direct's laser engraving service is the bridge between traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. Our lasers carve your vision onto surfaces like acrylic, wood, and glass with unparalleled precision. From personalized keepsakes to statement decor, discover the vast creative possibilities awaiting your exploration.

T-Shirt Printing (DTG)

Unlock the full potential of custom tees with our DTG printing services. Direct-to-Garment, superior to screen printing, delivers intricate designs with a full spectrum of colors and unparalleled clarity. Ideal for showcasing detailed artwork or short-run creations, our technique ensures you wear your masterpiece with pride and longevity.

Frame Repair

Mending Masterpieces: Accidents happen, but that doesn't mean your beloved frames can't be restored. Our experts specialize in the art of repair, meticulously restoring frames to their former glory. From minor scratches to significant damages, we leverage tried-and-tested techniques and materials, ensuring that memories are not only preserved but continue to shine brightly.

Graphic Design Services

Every vision deserves impeccable execution. Collaborate with our in-house graphic design maestros to bring your concepts to life. Whether you're looking for bespoke frame templates, intricate matting designs, or total visual revamps, our team harnesses the latest software and an innate creative spark to produce designs that resonate.

Pick Up & Delivery

Convenience Delivered: Your comfort is paramount. From the moment you decide to trust us with your artwork, we strive to make the process seamless. Our professional pick-up and delivery services ensure your pieces, whether delicate or grand, are transported with care. All you need to do is decide where you'd like your art to go, and we'll handle the rest.

Art Installations

Hang with Precision: Your chosen artwork deserves a perfect display. Our seasoned installation team ensures that each piece, from lightweight prints to grand canvases, is hung with precision, care, and a keen eye for detail. We account for lighting, wall integrity, and viewer perspective, ensuring your artwork finds its ideal spot, complementing and elevating your space.



I'm super excited about my new office gallery wall and especially my beautiful prints from Art Direct! (The four large 16x20s and the floral 8x10 at the top were all printed by Art Direct.)

I highly recommend these guys and had to come give them a shout out!

I worked with Brent and had an amazing customer experience. He was super responsive and everything happened just as promised/expected.I was able to pick up the prints in Cedar Park within a few days (they also have a location on Anderson Lane).

I highly recommend!

Lisa H.
Austin, TX

Fantastic work!

We acquired an oil painting on canvas in Europe, rolled it and brought it home to Austin.

We also had a few lithographs. We took them to Art Direct to stretch the canvas and add a nice frame, and mount the lithographs with glass and matte.

The Art Direct location had a lot of different frames to choose from and the staff was very helpful.

This was an expect craftsmanship, I can highly recommend them.

Hakan L.
Leander, TX

I cannot say enough positive things about Art Direct and the experience I had there!

My friend had designed a custom piece of artwork that she told me to have printed on metal using dye sublimation.

After calling almost 10 other places and being told "it wasn't possible" and "I'd never find anyone in Austin to do it" my 11th call was fortunately to Brent at Art Direct who told me immediately that not only could they do it but that they were excited to create this piece for me!!

Brent, Demi and all the other staff were so friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.

I felt like they cared about the piece as much as I did.

The piece was completed quickly and they even delivered it to my house! I would ABSOLUTELY use them again and you should too!

Jocelyn F.
San Jose, CA


Had a 40x80 canvas stretched.

Solid frame and price was fair and lower than anyone else I spoke with.

They are quick to respond to emails and everyone I spoke to was a delight!

They don't upsell you, they listen to what you want and walk you through the process.

Will ALWAYS use them for all framing needs I have!

Tiffany G.
Cedar Park, TX

Fantastic group of people!

We had a painting needing to be hung correctly.

They took the time to take care of my aging painting, flattened it, then mounted it.

The painting was a challenge- but hanging it on my wall was a greater challenge.

They came back with a taller ladder, worked together, and hung my painting perfectly.

Dr. Eunice A G.
Cedar Park, TX

Art Direct is an awesome business.

I went to their new showroom/framing shop with a previously framed art piece.

The art had been framed by an online framer that promised hinge mount tape, which is an archival mounting process that allows valuable limited edition art to be more easily unframed.

Unfortunately, when I opened the frame I found that the art was taped down with double-sided tape to the foamboard and couldn't be removed.

The guys at Art Direct took a look, and offered to help with removing the art piece from the foamboard.

They called the next day and let me know they were able to get it removed.

It had taken 3 1/2 HOURS to remove, but it was done with absolute care and for an amazing price.

They went above and beyond for me.

My wife came to the second visit when I picked up the unframed art piece and loved the collection of frames that they have on display, and they have HUNDREDS of more framing options beyond the ones displayed.

They also print gorgeous art on metal and have a CNC machine for all kinds of custom work.

The framer that helped with my project has more than 20 years experience and really loves all the art he gets to work with.

I'll definitely be back to support this business as I frame future pieces.

Keep an eye on them, they're just getting started with local framing and will be - already are to me - the best place in town to visit for framing.

Ben F.
Leander, TX

I went to Art Direct to stretch a very large canvas (about 8ft tall) which there aren't that many places in Austin that do that.

The piece came flawless and the they did a very good job.

But what makes me to go back there in future is their customer service.

Brent was extremely friendly and helpful making the experience much better!

Ashton H.
Austin, TX

We were gifted a beautiful painting and needed to get a frame to go with it, my fiancé found out about Art Direct through an online search and we decided to give it a try.

Unfortunately, I cannot remember the name of the girl who helped us (I want to say her name started with a D...), but she was absolutely amazing!

She was very knowledgeable about all of the different frames and helped suggest different options for our painting.

She was very patient with us switching between different options and helping select a frame that fit what we were looking for!

When we went to pick up our frame the staff was very friendly as well!

They did an amazing job with stretching the canvas and putting the frame with it!

We will definitely be coming back for our next framing job.

They also do prints, which we were excited to learn about as well!

A I.
Kissimmee, FL

After trying to get two paintings framed at Hobby Lobby, and being told it would be at least a few weeks, we found Art Direct with a Google search.

So glad we did.

Brent and Nate gave us exactly the frame and mat we wanted, at a really good price -- and had it done in two days!

Now our kitchen reno is complete. We'll be giving Art Direct more of our business!

Ed G.
Austin, TX

The Art Direct Advantage

  • Quality, Affordability, & Variety: With over 1,000 frames, all sourced from U.S. manufacturers, Art Direct offers both variety and quality without the hefty price tag.
  • Quick Turnaround: Precision and speed combined. Get your memories framed swiftly with our expert framers utilizing state-of-the-art framing equipment.
  • Customer-Centric: Years of experience taught us one thing: Customer satisfaction is paramount. Experience stellar service every step of the way.
  • Transparent Pricing: We believe in transparent, competitive pricing. Discover affordable options without compromising on quality.
  • Unique Selection: While big box stores might limit you, our vast selection ensures every style and preference is catered to.
  • Skilled Craftsmanship: Our team brings years of dedicated framing experience to the table, ensuring every piece is treated with care and expertise.
  • Endless Possibilities: Whether it’s an original masterpiece, favorite poster, a cherished memory, or a unique collectible, we have a frame for it.

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