Proofing files from Scan or Photography

Single Proof

Included with price of scan or photograph

We will make you an 8×10″ or 8×8″ print for you to inspect. This will allow you to make changes before you order your prints.

Additional Proofs

$20.00 per proof

The first will be printed without any retouching. The second with adjustments to improve the look of the print. That way you can compare both versions and give us your feedback before placing your order.

If you would like us to mail your proof, please contact us.

Our Guarantee

We are primarily a Printing and Framing Company. We offer other services to accommodate these specialties. Due to limited resources and equipment, we cannot guarantee 100% color matching for scanning, photography and proofing. If you are not completely satisfied with our digital capture after four proofs, we will gladly refund your costs.